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October 2011 - The current economic environment may be fraught with uncertainty, but there is one question we can be clear on: Is it time to start building? YES. If your finances are in order, absolutely!...

The cost of construction and financing will never be lower than today. Sure there are a lot of good deals in the short sale/foreclosure markets but they don’t offer warranties and customer support. In fact, more times than not, you’ll acquire substantial repair costs along with your “real estate deal”. With new homes or remodel projects, you get warranties and new products that should require little to no maintenance for a lengthy period of time. You will get repairs and replacements at much better prices while the contractor is onsite.

The economic environments we are in is suspect, at best, but we’re stuck with it. Inflation is upon us whether we like it or not. Whether you’re in the market for a new custom home or would like to add onto your existing home or renovate, JUST DO IT. If you’re familiar with the stock market, you know that when the market experiences a correction, as it has the last couple weeks, it’s time to buy. The home market has had the same correction. It is time to buy!

Not ready to buy new? Consider an addition or remodel. One of the biggest issues today and into the future is the rising cost of energy. You can reduce your consumption by initiating a “GREENOVATION” (as in GREEN renovation) of your home. This makes a relatively small impact on your savings/budget and can save you thousands of dollars in energy consumption and costs. By making your home energy efficient, you will create additional value, while upgrading the quality of life within your home.

Whether you’re anxious to buy a new home, add a room onto your existing home or upgrade, there will never be a better time to do so than now.

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