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Planning a Remodel

Have you ever experienced buyer’s regret by paying for inferior workmanship or products?

There are some important steps to think about when planning to remodel…First and foremost, clients can have peace of mind when they choose a reputable, “licensed” contractor to build or remodel their home.  Buyer beware of unlicensed contractors and contractors, who bid a project for a price which seems too good to be true.  There is a big difference between working with realistic budgets and cutting corners.  A lower bid could mean lower quality – or worse.  At Gramly Construction, we have completed and corrected numerous construction projects, which were started by unlicensed or other contractors.  It is unfortunate to see a client pay twice for their project simply because it was built by the lowest bidder.   It is always in the client’s best interest to thoroughly check contractor references and license status before hiring a company to work on their most precious asset.  The right licensed contractor can meet or exceed a client’s vision and keep budget considerations front of mind – without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the workmanship.

Additionally, when considering building a new home, adding a room and/or remodeling a home, the best way clients can be certain their vision is realized is to begin with plans and specifications – prior to seeking contractor bids.  This may entail hiring a professional to draw up plans and specifications; Gramly Construction will be happy to prepare plans and specifications for clients, as well.  It is important to remember general ideas and concepts – without specific details – could be subject to interpretation by different contractors. When licensed contractors bid “apples to apples,” there should be little disparity between the bids.  Clients, who obtain contractor bids based on the same plans, materials and specifications, can make a better decision both financially and when choosing a contractor.  If you are looking for a reputable, licensed building contractor for your home or business, you can trust Gramly Construction to live up to its commitment and provide the utmost in service and quality. Please visit our client testimonials.

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