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Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Gramly Construction has recently launched new service offering in collaboration with myGREENOVATIONteam, a group of home contractors devoted to energy efficiency retrofitting...

The primary purpose of this new offering is to test and analyze your home, producing an outline of proposed improvements to reduce energy consumption and increase overall comfort and air quailty in your home. Optimal efficiency is achieved by sealing the shell of your home; upgrading insulation; and tuning or upgrading HVAC, window tinting, appliances and lighting. We have achieved phenomenal results with homes in the Valley and anticipate growing demand for these services.

The last two homes completed yielded 36% and 51% reduction in energy consumption. The occupants have expressed satisfaction with the efficiency gains, as well as a significant improvement in overall comfort with regards to air quality.

The benefits are fantastic and will pay for themselves in a short period of time. The upgrades will not only add to the value of your home, but selected improvements will also be eligible for tax incentives and rebates.

The process consists of an initial interview, energy audit, conclusion and implementation of the selected improvements. There is a cost of approximately $0.30 per sq. ft. (depending on the size of home) for the audit, and you are under no obligation to proceed. However, once you see the results of the audit and weight the benefits of improvements, it will be a very appealing endeavor.

As usual, the quality, service and commitment of Gramly Construction, Inc. will stand behind the process. The on-site improvements are typically completed quickly and with very little disturbance to your existing living space.

myGREENOVATIONteam is composed of skilled and experienced professionals; all are licensed and insured for the work they will perform on your home. Gramly Construction provides on-site supervision during the entire improvement process.

Please schedule your appointment now and start enjoying the quality and comfort life has to offer!

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