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Ever felt like you got a raw deal or over paid for something?

One of the things people don't stop to realize, is that everyone has an opinion and idea for what works. The best way to ensure your getting what you pay for is to have a plan and specifications of what you want. The more detail you supply the more accurate estimates can become. I can't tell you how many times I've bid a job, only to be...underbid, and then find out the project was performed to an entirely different, albeit lower standard.
A simple example of this is; a project I was working on required a substantial amount of painting. The bids I obtained were as different as night and day. After a little research I discovered the amount of material being supplied had the same difference. The amount of paint required to complete this project properly was 800 gallons. The lower bids consisted of anywhere between 350 - 500 gallons. Had I accepted the lower bids, the quality, durability and performance would have been sorely lacking.
For those of you looking for a good quality project, need only find a good quality contractor. How ever, if your bidding the project, make sure and specify what your looking for, even if you have to hire some one to comprise a plan and list of specifications. If your contractors are bidding apples to apples, there shouldn't be alot of disparity between the bids. Thusly making it easier to select one. You'll be alot happier working with a contractor you trust as opposted to one that under bid everyone.

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