Gramly Helps Rebuild African Clinic

October 2010 - Through the Change the World with Love program, Gramly Construction helped repair and rebuild a medical clinic in Mali, Africa in October...

Change the World with Love is a doctor’s charity focused on improving medical facilities and resources in small, remote villages in need throughout the world. Gramly project manager Jim Neilson and a team including son Ben Nielsen, Warren Setnan and Bakary Coulibaly traveled to Africa for a ten day adventure to donate their time and construction expertise to rebuild a clinic for the small African village of Nana Kenieba. The total journey included 37 hours and 17,000 miles traveled. View photos in our Project Portfolio.

While visiting Mali, the team enjoyed first-hand cultural experiences through bartering at the jam-packed open air market to secure building supplies, being welcomed by the chief and village elders at a Town Hall session, and donating school supplies to the children on a classroom tour. They worked side-by-side with villagers to repair the clinic including fixing leaks in the roof and damaged ceiling panels, as well as replacing insect screens and improving electrical systems. In addition to clinic repairs, they also presented the village’s sole medical provider, a man named Demblele, with a suitcase full of supplies and a reference book for him to continue his medical training to support the village. A villager named Ambassade, was the grateful recipient of new set of aluminum crutches to replace a well-worn pair made from heavy steel which he had relied on to walk.

During their stay the team experienced traditional Mali meals cooked for lunch, but had a taste of home with American food prepared for dinner. On their last day, the team was invited by some men of the village to take a scenic drive to see some waterfalls and hike to a location where ancient petroglyphs were carved into stone cliffs.

The trip was a complete success for the team, accomplishing their entire scope of work, creating plans for future teams visiting to make additional clinic improvements, and making friends with the wonderful people of Mali. Gramly Construction would like thank Dr. Scoccia and Change the World with Love program for the opportunity to sponsor and participate in helping the village of Mali, Africa.

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