Gramly Launches Home Energy Audit Services

November 2010 - We are pleased to begin offering Home Energy Audit and Green Remodeling services. A Home Energy audit will pin-point problem areas that could be costing you a significant amount of money each month, particularly if you live in a home built pre-2004...

Making your home more energy efficient can help reduce high energy bills, improve comfort and protect the environment. Improving energy efficiency is also an important first step for homeowners interested in green remodeling. Taking a comprehensive, whole house approach involves evaluation of insulation, heating and air conditioning system diagnostics, lighting and appliance efficiency, indoor air quality, durability and more.

Gramly Construction is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Energy Conservation Group LLC to offer certified energy audit services. Their BPI/RESNET auditors use specialized equipment to find energy problems in your home and recommend customized solutions. The cost for many of these improvements can be off-set through federal, state and local rebates and tax incentives.

Getting started is easy - call us at 702-259-6659 to schedule an energy audit for your home.

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