Spring Cleaning

As we prepare for the pleasant months of Spring here in Southern Nevada,

 may we suggest that you consider some of the remodeling and renovation plans that you may have been putting off?  While our yards and gardens come back to life, dust off the plans you have been thinking of for your Kitchen.  

There are many small details that can be improved in almost anyone's Kitchen.  Consider the convenience of roll-out shelves for the base cabinets.  Installing these simple details can make your life easier and less frustrating.  Roll-outs can be custom designed and built to accommodate many different needs.  Gramly Construction has build roll-out shelves for mix-master appliances, cookie sheets and trays and the normal cabinet items like pans, bowls and small kitchen appliances.

If there is a new Kitchen sink and faucet in your future plans, then this could be the time to replace your counter tops as well.  A new sink, faucet and counter top can make your whole Kitchen seem new.  Replacing an existing counter top, splash and sink is not a long, drawn out project.  The varieties of counter top materials is amazing as well as their applications.

The edge details and back splash design ideas are numerous.  We have successfully completed many projects that include new counter tops, sinks and faucets.  It's been said that the resources invested in Kitchen improvements have a 90% return on investment.


Other small projects that can really improve your Kitchen are new lighting and lighting controls.  This includes general lighting, task lighting and accent lights.  There are many types of lighting that can be used, conventional incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED lighting.  New types of lighting control can give you the ability to set the lighting levels and timing of your lights from your phone or tablet.

If your Kitchen and Patio are designed to be close together, perhaps a pass-thru or a walk-thru opening will work for you.  The mild Spring weather invites us to spend more time outside.  A Kitchen pass-thru can improve the connection to your outdoor world.  Gramly Construction has relationships with skilled and talented interior designers and architects.

These professionals can help you get the most out of your Kitchen space.  We can find the ideal solution to any of your Kitchen improvement plans.  We invite you to contact Gramly Construction at 702-259-6659 or email at mike@gramlylv.com or visit our website at www.gramlylv.com.

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