Energy Consumption

One of the projects we built, has had a phenomenal return with regards to energy efficiency.

We over doubled the size of the home, retrofit the existing home and it has yet to yield a cost greater than half of the original home. This was achieved with air sealing the home, upgraded insulation, energy efficient appliances, a vast array of solar panels and equipment and quality of construction. Monitoring the home for almost 2 years after completion, we were able to compile information to track the efficiency and build a graph to illustrate the energy savings. The top chart illustrates the reduction in monthly consumption and the bottom represents consumption per square foot or cost per square foot. The red line represents the residence pre construction usage, the blue is post construction usage (w/o solar) and the green includes post construction usage with solar. 

What's truly amazing, is the fact, that all these resources are available today and are becoming more and more cost effective. One of the consistent and relatively highest home expense we have, is electricity. This is a cost that's not going away but we can manage how we use it.

If you are looking to remodel or build a new home and are interested in exploring energy efficiency, give us a call. We will ensure that the project is done properly and to the highest quality standards available.

energy efficiency study april 2015

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