Low-emissivity Glass Installation

Why “Green” Homes?

“Gramly Construction is committed to providing the best craftsmanship possible while doing something positive for the planet. Not only will “green” homes last longer, they ultimately conserve our natural resources…”

There are many eco-friendly advantages to building and renovating “green”, such as lower energy costs and consumption, reduced exposure to mold, mildew, and indoor toxins, not to mention increased overall comfort and air quality in homes and businesses.  Energy-efficient upgrades can be especially beneficial for homes built in Las Vegas before 2004. Gramly Construction is proud to say some of their “green” remodels have yielded between 36% to 51% reduction in energy consumption. By taking steps to make a home more energy-efficient, clients can add value to their property and improve the quality of life at home and the overall environment.

Additionally, there are numerous local, state, and federal programs and resources containing information on “green” home renovations, as well as “green” building and energy efficiency, such as DSIRE and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Some of these programs may include homeowner rebates, tax credits, and other incentives.

There are also many quick and easy ways individual home and business owners can improve energy efficiency to save money, and perhaps even the planet.  It cannot be understated that every person who takes steps – large or small – to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improves energy consumption can help ensure a more globally healthy environment for the future.

Below, are just some of the many “green” building initiatives, which can be professionally implemented by the qualified team at Gramly Construction:

  • Home Insulating
  • Noise-reducing acoustics
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Sealing air ducts
  • Replacing cracked or otherwise permeable air ducts
  • Implementing renewable smart-home technologies
  • Sourcing energy-efficient lighting
  • Sourcing and installing energy-efficient refrigerators and other large appliances
  • Sourcing and installing Low-E windows (specially treated low emissivity glass)
  • Sourcing and planning solar panel installation
  • Sourcing and installing high efficiency heating, cooling and other renewable energy systems
  • Utilizing recycled building materials
  • Recycling construction waste
  • Designing and installing drought-tolerant landscaping
  • Performing “green” efficient remodeling and renovations
  • Providing consultation on “green” home products and materials
  • Designing and building energy-efficient new homes
  • And many other energy-efficient measures…

Most “green” upgrades and renovations are completed quickly and with little disruption to the home or business. Contact Gramly Construction  – the first Silver LEED certified home builder in the state of Nevada – with your questions or requests concerning energy-efficient renovations, upgrades or to build a new “green” home or business.

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